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Does my immersion heater have a warranty?

We offer a one year manufacturer’s warranty on all our items. Please note that this warranty is only valid on components that have not been altered by the end user.

How much will shipping cost?

The parts we manufacture greatly range in size and weight, so shipping costs can vary quite a bit. A single tube might cost a couple hundred dollars to ship, but a complete heater can be over $1,000.

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My immersion heater arrived, how do I start it up?

It is important to know the optimal startup procedure for immersion heating furnaces as improper startup may result in production delays, lower lifespan, and/or breakage of heater components.

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Where do I locate my immersion heater in my furnace?

Proper immersion heater placement is extremely important to ensure the proper function. Immersion heaters require adequate coverage with molten metal, and require proper spacing between heaters. Proper placement must be decided prior to determining the final design of the furnace.

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How do I introduce a cold SiC heating element into molten motel?

A silicone carbide heating element is designed to enhance efficiency and precision in molten metal applications, offering a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into industrial processes. For instructions on how to install, click here

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