Electric Immersion Heaters are the ideal solution for aluminum dip brazing furnaces.

The process of brazing joins metals with melted aluminum, leaving a clean joint compared to other methods, such as welding, making it a cost-effective solution for composite or assembled parts.

Aluminum dip well furnaces

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Brazing is typically performed in large furnaces for bulk materials, and great for large production runs.

Dip brazing requires well-controlled conditions. This process typically consists of a heat resistant immersion tank for preparing a bath of molten slat, an air furnace to cool the assemblies, and a cleaner for the traces of flux after brazing. Once the assembly is preheated to a temperature less than the melting temperature of the metal, the assembly is dipped into the salt bath furnace. The flux melts and dissolves in the bath. The filler metal melts and fills the joint.

Immersion Heaters

New Century’s electric immersion heaters efficiently transfer heat into dip wells as heat doesn’t have to pass through an insulating layer of oxides on the surface. The immersion heater is beneath any separating refractory arch, and is in close proximity to the dip well or degassing head.

New Century Heaters can assist with your molten melting system by providing a variety of benefits:

  • Fast brazing in minutes
  • All joints brazed simultaneously in a single immersion
  • Temperature uniformity assured by electrodynamic circulation
  • Optimizing melt quality, and the quality of the final cast product
  • Minimizes energy wastage
  • Ensuring temperatures are maintained to tight tolerances

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We will work with you and your furnace builder to find the optimal solution for your furnace heating requirements.

New Century Immersion Heaters can be used in a wide variety of applications including melting furnaces, holding furnaces, degassing wells, low pressure furnaces, filter systems, dip-wells, and auto-pour units. All heaters include a thermocouple and cast copper connectors. We can also provide mounting and cover advice.

Immersion Heating System Details

New Century Heaters has engineered our immersion heaters specifically for molten metal. These heaters coupled with specially designed protection tubes provide the most robust and efficient molten metal heat source in the industry.

Our immersion heating elements are made of heavy gage ICA wire on cast ceramic cores that guarantee wire spacing to evenly distribute the heat through high density, high conductivity, non-wetting protection tubes.

We use the heaviest gage wire in the industry to provide robust, long-lived heaters that can be operated up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The wire is recessed in separating groves that are precision cast in a ceramic core that is engineered to compliment the mating protection tube. Because of this, the coils can never touch each other and short out. Extra heavy leads are brought out and insulated away from the heater core to provide trouble free connections.

If you are a manufacturer of furnace, we want to talk to you.  Contact us today for a free, quick estimate!

If you are looking to replace your immersion heater found in a melting furnace,  contact us!